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And More... New Star Transportation Limousine is a professional and reliable luxury limousine business centered around customer service. Our chauffeurs are trained to be professional and provide the best customer service in the industry. Our limousines are very elegant and well-maintained and always kept in clean and inviting condition. Our staff are friendly and personal and will work diligently to meet all your transportation needs. Choose New Star Transportation Limousine for a professional and reliable service focused on you, the customer.

Whether you are looking for Shuttle Bus Rental, Sprinter Bus Rental, Limo Services, Airport Transportaion or any Group Transportation in the Houston area, we have you covered at New Star.

New Star Transportation Limousine is your premiere transportation service to the Houston area. We specialize in corporate transportation to accommodate the many requirements of today’s business. We are fully insured and registered with the City of Houston. Our attention to detail will give you reliability and the confidence that your transportation will be on time and also professionally handled every time.

Car Service in Houston

Of course, sometimes your needs are as simple as getting to a meeting elsewhere in the city, but you don't want to drive. Maybe you want to finish polishing a presentation while you're en route. For that, you would probably enjoy the quiet luxury of a town car.

Smooth riding and insulated from the hustle and blare outside of the vehicle it's a great environment just to think. There's no traffic stress; there are no "idiot" drivers out to ruin your day.

Why it could be that you had to work very late, and only now you are heading up to the family cabin or cottage to join the rest of your brood. Oh yes, it's so much safer not to drive when you're exhausted. Plus you still get to spend the weekend out of the city.

The Takeaway

There are so many good reasons to use our vehicles instead of your own. You can do away with the additional insurance for a second vehicle; you can eliminate the cost of necessary maintenance, breakdowns, and the remarkable cost of fuel.

For the amount of use it gets, a second family vehicle is often little more than a convenience. Think of all the money you could save by eliminating one car and then let us show you a whole level of convenience of only paying for a vehicle when you're using it.

New Star Transportation is here to provide economical, yet luxurious solutions for your transportation needs and concerns. Let us show you the easier, safer, economical, environmentally conscious, and simply more convenient way to move around!

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