• Max Passengers: 3
  • Max bags:


NEW STAR TRANSPORTATION provide the latest Mercedes Benz S-CLASS with chauffeur services in Houston Tx. Cities we cover : Austin, San Antonio, Dallas. Mercedes Benz S-CLASS has powerful V-8 engine, industry-leading technology, and some of the most sophisticated automotive safety systems in production today, reassert the S-Class as the foremost luxury sedan in the world. Our company’s mission is to provide you with prompt, reliable and comfortable transportation, at a reasonable price. Whether it’s for business, Airport service or pleasure, we are here to meet your transportation needs.

There are only a few brands that radiate elegance and luxury, and Mercedes is one of the top names in this regard. Especially its S Class models are renowned among the executive class.

So, if you want to travel in a vehicle that reflects your sophisticated taste, our Mercedes Limo Houston services are ideal for you. It will help you feel at ease yet leave a mark irrespective of your destination.

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Key Feature of Our Mercedes Rental Houston Services:

We call ourselves the best because we offer nothing less than that. Here are a few key features of our services that make us one of the most prominent transportation assistance providers in Houston:

  • Our customer assistance is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. So, you can book our service at your convenience even if it is on Saturday at 1 am.
  • We do not care how big or small your reservation request is. When you rent a Mercedes from us, you get the best service in all of Houston.
  • We take great pride in our clientele diversity as it consists of executives from Fortune 500 companies and mid to small size enterprises.
  • New Star Transportation does not believe in charging unreasonable amounts. Hence you can avail of our services at competitive prices, saving a substantial amount on your travel expenses.

Why Opt For Our Mercedes Hire Services?

If you want to make an entrance with panache and elegance, you need a vehicle that complies with that. However, simply boasting flamboyance is not enough as comfort and safety are also necessary.

We have selected the Mercedes S Class as it offers all the things required to make a ride safe, comfortable and extravagant. The vehicle features a robust V-8 engine, and each of its parts is designed with industry-leading technology.

Moreover, it has top-notch automotive safety systems that reassert the S class as one of the best luxury sedans globally. The vehicle can accommodate 3 individuals and has substantial room for luggage as well.

We also conduct all the necessary maintenance checks on our vehicles to ensure every Mercedes car hire request is met with the same standard or assistance.

The Mercedes Limo Houston services we provide are not only best due to our vehicle standards, but our chauffeurs play a significant role as well. It is because each of them has:

  • Undergone thorough background checks.
  • Cleared random, continuous and initial drug testing.
  • All the necessary insurances and licenses.

We strive to provide you with reliable, prompt and comfortable transportation, at prices that don’t hurt. Whether it’s for business, airport service or pleasure, we are here to meet your transportation needs.

So, why waste your precious time searching terms like “Mercedes rental near me” when you have already found us.

Book our services today and travel in luxury with ease.